How To Advertise To Generation Z

how to advertise to generation zThey are on the rise as a buying population — do you know how to advertise to Generation Z? “Generation Z” is the first generation to truly grow up in the era of always-on Internet and have a preference for digital services. As such, it takes a real paradigm shift to get their attention when trying to market products and services.

GenZ grew to adulthood during the housing crash and subsequent political upheavals have created a distrust of massive corporations which means their loyalty is difficult to grab hold of and maintain.

How To Advertise To Generation Z

Below are some tips to understanding where this youth group is coming from:

  1. GenZ doesn’t want to be treated as just another demographic. They’re looking for authentic companies to do business with who share a vision for not just making good products and services, but who can commit to leaving the world a better place than they found it.
  2. GenZ is no longer looking for passive content. They want companies to be on the same platforms they are on, to appear comfortable using modern digital tools, and to actively involve their customers in shaping the features and functionality being offered to them.
  3. Don’t take GenZ for granted! They can, and will, flock to any other company that shows not just a better product value proposition but a better world value proposition. GenZ does take work to acquire and even more work to maintain, and it’s just easier to start at the ground up by building a corporate image and vision that addresses youthful concerns, such as the environment, healthcare, and poverty.

Currently, the oldest among the group are in their early 20s and finding little in the way of hope for getting the same jobs their parents and grandparents talk about. They worry a great deal about where the world around them will be when they make it to retirement age.

They’re not looking to work for a company for life and they’re unwilling to be taken for granted as consumers any longer either. Finally, any company that wants to gain market traction in this demographic needs to constantly reassess what is important to this group of people and where the technology channels are to communicate with them as that is always changing.

If you are looking at how to advertise to Generation Z, and reach this growing target audience, you will have to reach them primarily through digital marketing efforts. If your business is lacking digital channels to reach Generation Z, schedule your strategy session today.

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