Digital Marketing Trends For 2020 That Are On The Rise

digital marketing trends for 2020In the world of digital marketing trends for 2020, choices abound, customer patience is low, instant gratification expectations are high, as is the need for customers to be kept entertained, and recognized as individuals. You will see all of this and more in digital marketing trends for 2020 that are on the rise. How will you make the most of these for your business?

Digital Marketing Trends For 2020

Here are four upcoming marketing trends for 2020.

Conversational Marketing

Basically, conversational marketing is having a conversation with your customers or those in your target audience. The conversation will surround connecting with the customers, understanding what they need, and as a part of the natural flow of the conversation, giving them solutions for those needs. One way this is showing up is in the form of chatbots. This offers your customer instant gratification. 

This is one marketing trend that seems contrary to the way marketing has been done in the past. In the past, traditional models of marketing have taken the stance of marketing a certain message to customers, and letting them respond at will. In the case of conversational marketing, customers are instead telling you what their needs are and when they want a solution — which, for the most part is now.

With conversational marketing, customers are looking for fast and simple ways of communicating with a company, brand, or business to have their needs met and receive information instantaneously. Chatbots are one solution to incorporate conversational marketing into your marketing strategy.


In 2020, more than ever, customers are going to be looking for personalization when it comes to marketing. Customers have gotten extremely good at tuning out messages that do not seem to apply to them. Incorporating personalization into your marketing efforts will make everything more effective. This could be something as simple as personalizing your emails, segmenting your lists, sending triggered emails, and finding meaningful ways to connect with the different groups.

Interactive Content 

Another marketing trend that is taking the stage as the new year rolls around is interactive content. Examples of interactive content include 360-degree videos, virtual reality, augmented reality, quizzes, polls, and shoppable posts. Interactive content holds your customer’s attention longer and is also immensely shareable. Interactive content stands out more among the other messages out there your customers are seeing.


For years, Google has talked about micro-moments, but 2020 is the year that this is hitting mainstream. These are all the tiny little individual moments where a customer may make a decision to make a purchase with you. However, in order to do so, they need to see your company or brand present at the point where they are making that decision. If you are not showing up where they are looking, obviously your company won’t be among the contenders, and you will lose out on the transaction. Google’s four micro-moments are:

  1. I-want-to-know-moments
  2. I-want-to-go-moments
  3. I-want-to-do-moments
  4. I-want-to-buy-moments

To incorporate this marketing trend into your strategy, make sure you show up where customers are looking, offering them useful information that they can act on quickly at each of these micro-moments. 

Also, have a Google listing and make sure your Google listing is optimized. You want to show up in all of the places that your customers are looking, so while Google is a big one and a great place to start, there are many other places where your company should be showing up and recognizable online. This will vary depending on the type of business you have.

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Which of these marketing trends for 2020 are you already incorporating into your marketing strategy? Which ones would you like to implement? If you are looking for ways to incorporate these digital marketing trends for 2020 into your marketing strategy, we can help.

Whether it is through conversational marketing, personalization, interactive content, or making the most of micro-moments, we can tailor a plan specific for your business goals in the new year.

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