Does Your Healthcare Marketing Strategy Need A Checkup?

healthcare marketing strategy connections healthcare strategiesDoes your healthcare marketing strategy need a checkup?

What providers need to know about healthcare marketing and their practice

Today’s patient has a loud and clear voice as well as the freedom to choose their healthcare providers. What does that mean for your healthcare practice? If you are focused on building your practice, that means your strategy should include digital as well as relationship marketing. Why? Because of the growing consumeristic mindset in today’s healthcare landscape.

Consumerism In Healthcare

A rapidly developing trend in healthcare today is a tendency toward consumerism. For decades, Americans have been taught through commercials and mainstream advertisements, if they want something or want to feel a certain way, they can buy it. Whether sad but true or not, we have learned this formula:

Desire For Item of Feeling + Money To Purchase It = Ownership Of Item or Feeling

What Does This Mean For Your Practice?

With the rise of high-deductible healthcare plans, and patients shelling out more dough for their care, also comes more conscious decision making. Patients want choices and are more involved now than ever in choosing their care.

It means that if a patient isn’t happy with the care they have paid for, they can let everyone know in an instant in the form of posting an online review. It also means that your happy patients will tout your praises and help spread good word of mouth about your practice and services better than anyone else.

As a healthcare provider, it is time to embrace this new way of thinking and implement proactive strategies to make the most of this new mindset in helping you build your practice.

When It Comes To A Healthcare Marketing Strategy, What Can A Provider Do?

Inherent in today’s healthcare world is the patient’s ability to speak to their choice of care. So, being aware of how a patient perceives your practice is key. Staying on top of and monitoring your online reputation and reviews, providing excellent customer service, developing referral relationships and strengthening your brand are all ways to increase your value when it comes to marketing your practice.

A Healthcare Marketing Strategy That Works: The Dynamic Duo of Relationship & Digital Marketing

Finding a marketing partner that can help you in building your practice while you focus on caring for patients, is key. At Connections Healthcare Strategies, our business is helping you build business relationships for yours. We offer a unique blend of relationship marketing as well as digital marketing that will help bring in patient referrals and help you strengthen your online reputation and build your brand.

If your current marketing efforts don’t include relationship marketing or digital marketing, we are here to help. Implementing these things into your practice will drive more patient referrals, improve patient education and keep your practice’s reputation going strong. To learn more, schedule a strategy session with us today.

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