Facebook Changes Are Coming – Are You Ready?

facebook changes connections healthcare strategiesFacebook changes abound. It seems that once you get onboard with their most recent changes, the next change is coming down the pipeline. That’s why you need an expert team on your side to help your small business stay in front of your ideal customer, client or patient and manage Facebook changes to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Even as recent as a couple years ago, Facebook business pages had a reach as significant as 25% of their following. In 2017, Facebook has dropped that percentage significantly. Many Facebook pages see an organic reach of only 1-2% of their following, with that number expected to decline even further for business pages when Facebook implements their new changes in the coming months.

What Is Organic Reach?

Simply stated, organic reach is a way of measuring how many followers see what you post, without you paying for those posts. Facebook also measures paid reach.

The Importance of Facebook Ads

Since Facebook has become a “pay to play” space for small businesses, your small business can still be seen by your followers as long as it knows how.

The good news is that even small advertising budgets can take you a long way in getting in front of your followers. Plus, there is more good news. There are ways to still boost your organic reach for your business page, as long as you know how to play by Facebook’s rules.

Facebook is also implementing new features for small businesses to take advantage of for even more visibility in front of their potential customers.

Why The Facebook Changes?

This year, Facebook has refined their mission. They have placed a focus on what end users want most — a sense of community. Facebook is planning to further its new mission with these upcoming changes. This means that users will be seeing more posts from their family and friends in their news feed and less from businesses. But if your small business is on Facebook, we have hope for you!

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What does all of this mean for your small business? Don’t get discouraged — with an expert digital marketing team on your side, your healthcare practice or local business can begin implementing new Facebook strategies now to stay ahead of the curve and avoid playing the game of catch up and fighting to be seen as the new changes are expected to go into effect in the coming months.

To revisit your Facebook strategy, take advantage of our expertise and stay ahead of the curve for digital and social media marketing for your small business, contact us today to schedule a strategy session. We will help you be seen and stay in front of your potential customers, patients and clients as the new changes go into effect on Facebook soon.

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