I’m A Doctor, Should I Be On Instagram?

Instagram for Doctors With 100 million new users in the last six months and 600 million users overall, Instagram shows no signs of slowing down. This photo and video sharing platform will only continue to grow, giving you 600 million reasons why your practice should join in on this digital marketing gold mine.

If you are looking for new ways to engage with potential and current patients or market to millennials, Instagram is the social network to do it. Having 90% of users under the age of 35, this is a great place to engage with those starting to make their own medical decisions and parents searching for where to take the family.

How to Use Instagram For Your Practice

Posting Pictures
Just because you are a doctor does not mean all your pictures need to be medical related. Instagram is a great way to showcase a “behind the scenes” look at your office, show appreciation to your staff, promote any new services you are offering, let your followers know if you are closed during normal business hours or holidays. By posting pictures regularly, you are allowing people to get a glimpse into your practice without physically being there, giving them one more reason to consider you when choosing a physician.

Before posting pictures it is essential to research what hashtags are most commonly used in your industry. Hashtags are a great way to start a conversation or continue one with your audience. For example, if you are a podiatrist you might use #plantarfaciitis or #heelpain. This way if someone experiencing these ailments is using Instagram to find treatment, they can easily find you.

If 2016 proved anything, it is that video is the key to successful digital marketing. This is because videos can be more engaging, authentic, and powerful than just a single picture. Instagram allows 1-minute videos to be posted and recently unveiled a livestreaming video addition to their platform. According to Facebook, Instagram’s parent company, users spend three times longer watching live videos than pre-recorded ones. This does not mean we discourage pre-recorded videos, but we encourage including both.

Videos can be of exercises to regain strength, show range of motion before and after treatment, a tour of your facility, or a Q&A of common questions you get from patients. If patients see you, your demeanor, and professionalism before even stepping foot in your office, it is a motivating factor in choosing a physician.

Being on social media allows you to engage with patients even if you’re 200 miles away. One of the main goals of providers having an Instagram account is to interact with your followers. Most likely, these will be patients or people who find you to be an expert in your field and follow you for your expertise. It is suggested you post regularly, from 1-4 times per day for optimal results. And recommended to like and comment on your followers images to keep up interaction. It is super important to remember that if someone direct messages or comments a question on your photo that you answer in a timely fashion.

By creating an Instagram for Business account you are able to accurately track the engagement your profile and content are receiving. Instagram Insights allows you to view impressions (the total number of times all your posts have been seen), reach (the number of unique accounts that have seen any of your photos), and profile views (the number of times your profile has been viewed). These insights refresh every week. Your practice will also have a geotag so if a picture is posted there by you or a patient they can use your practice as their location. You can monitor these check ins and if you are tagged in a photo.

Instagram is more than just a social media platform you see teenagers addicted to. It is another way to attract people to your practice!

If you are convinced your practice needs an Instagram, Connections Healthcare Strategies is here to help you. We can create hashtags, monitor engagement, post photos, and track all your analytics for you. Schedule a Strategy Session today and learn why social media is great for business, even for medical providers.

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