Upcoming Marketing Trends 2021

Upcoming Marketing Trends 2021Upcoming Marketing Trends 2021

While at this time last year, no one could have predicted exactly how 2020 would end up playing out, it doesn’t stop experts from making predictions about upcoming marketing trends for 2021.

If you think about how culture has changed this year, these trends will make a lot of sense and are ideas that you should take into consideration when planning your marketing strategy for next year.

One of the major ways that culture has changed this year is that with Covid-19, people are spending much more time online. This is due to quarantining requirements, stay at home orders, as well as nationwide efforts to slow the spread.

With people spending more time online, they are also likely using this time to research products and services they need more heavily prior to making a decision. They are also finding and connecting with businesses online through Google and social media platforms.

Because of all of this, having a strong online presence can help add to the success of your business in the coming year. Here are some upcoming marketing trends for 2021 that you will seriously want to consider incorporating into your business.

Optimized Local SEO

While you may have the idea that you want to reach as many people as possible online, casting a wide net may make it less likely that you will reach the exact people you are looking for. If you are a local business-to-customer operation, you will want to make sure that your local SEO is enhanced to the best of your ability. This will ensure that you are showing up to those in your area looking for services that you can provide. Optimizing local SEO is a task that can be completed by our marketing team. 

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Interactive Content

Content marketing is still an all-important strategy, but when combined with interactive content can pack an even more powerful punch. The goal of interactive content is to help retain users to your website, provide them with an excellent experience. At the same time, this may help to boost your SEO. One often used example of interactive content would be a real estate agent’s website providing a mortgage calculator. 

Enhanced Social Media Profiles

Social media had already marked a prominent position in business strategies.  Social media platforms, especially Instagram, this year have launched new features in order to compete with other social media platforms. Those profiles that are taking advantage of and using these new features are among the ones that are going to show up to more of their followers. If you haven’t revisited your social media strategy in a while, now is the time. It will help you compete better where your ideal audience may be looking.

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Now that you have a heads up on upcoming marketing trends for 2021, are you ready to take your marketing strategy to the next level? To implement any of these strategies into your business plan for next year, contact Connections Healthcare Strategies for help.

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