Monitoring Online Reviews and Handling Properly

online reviews Being online can be a scary and unapologetic place, especially when you’re a business. You can frame and position yourself and your practice however you’d like, but you can’t control what others may say about you. Online reviews aren’t all bad, actually in many cases they’re rave reviews that will attract new patients. But what is the protocol for when you get a negative online review?

Unfortunately every practice is bound to get a negative online review. It’s not necessarily your practice’s fault, it’s simply statistics. This is because it is nearly impossible to make everyone happy. But, that review is visible to the entire public, so your response is crucial.

If you’re not sure how to respond to a negative online review, follow the tips below:

Take a Step Back
Many people’s initial reaction to a negative online review is to be defensive. It’s easy to think, “That review doesn’t show the whole story,” but that’s not the point. In order to compose a tactful response, it’s important to take a step back and avoid responding in the heat of the moment. Don’t let emotions affect your ability to think clearly. Take a few hours before responding, to form a clear and articulate response.

Actually Respond
Many practices will choose to avoid responding to the negative online review altogether. They think it’s better to let it be than engage and potentially start a bigger problem. What some practices fail to see is that a negative review is actually a great opportunity! A negative online review is an opportunity to show your practice’s authentic side. Many disgruntled patient’s aren’t looking to be compensated in some way, but rather, have their voices heard. Be sure to take the time to hear this person’s view in person or over the phone to ensure nothing is misconstrued.

Focus on Patient Satisfaction
Is there something you can do or say that will remedy the issue? Demonstrate your commitment to customer service by using their review as a catalyst for change. Did they have to wait long after their scheduled appointment time? What can you do to resolve that? Was the front desk staff not accommodating? Negative online reviews can often point out flaws in your practice that you never saw. This is a great learning opportunity to show you can better yourself or your practice professionally.

Remember, Others Can See Your Response
Your response is not private. Others will see what you say and how you respond, so remember to put a positive spin on the situation, and shine your practice in a good light. It could be to your benefit later on.


Negative online reviews can be discouraging, but don’t let them get to you. With a clear mind, and a genuine response your practice can come out of the situation better than when it entered it.

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