Medical Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

medical marketing ideas connections healthcare strategiesHow do you decide where to start marketing your small business when the list of medical marketing ideas are endless but your budget isn’t?

If your small business, health or wellness practice is looking for medical marketing ideas to match your budget, here are five medical marketing ideas to help you get started and get you the most bang for your buck.

5 Medical Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

Pair your online presence with in-person interactions

It goes without saying nowadays that most companies need to have an online and social media presence. However, at the cost of doing that, many small businesses neglect the more important social aspect of building a business — and that is building relationships in person and face-to-face.

Couple your online presence with real life networking. Become a member of your local chamber of commerce, build relationships at networking events and meetings, clubs or over coffee. These relationships will become invaluable sources of referrals to your practice.

Become known with large, local employers

Getting in the door with large employers in your community can help to bring more business your way. How do you do that? Drop off swag, information, bagels, snacks or lunch for them to leave in employee break rooms. Check-in consistently and see how your products or services can help to make life easier, or healthier, for their staff and employees.

Maintain a prospective client list and remarket to this list

After doing all the hard work of getting your foot in the door, building relationships, attending meetings and networking, you have likely collected some important contact information along the way. Make the most of this list by compiling it into an enewsletter list.

This allows you to remarket important information to important contacts you’ve made along the way. Of course, be sure to comply with the CAN-SPAM Act, as well as recent GDPR regulations if you have any potential clients in Europe.

Send press release to local media outlets for relevant and timely news

Not everything your practice does is timely, but when you have something that is or is relevant and newsworthy, be sure to communicate this to local media outlets in the form of a press release. Putting yourself in the media in this way frequently will help you become known as the go-to expert source on the topic in your local community.

Scan your online image

Patients do their research before coming to you, so your online presence is important. In fact, 60% of consumers will visit a Facebook page for a business before ever deciding to step foot into a business’s building or do business with you. That’s why taking a look at your business’s online presence is important. Fix or update what needs fixing, offer helpful information online where you can and make your presence online known and professional.

At Connections Healthcare Strategies, our professional services include relationship marketing, content creation and digital strategies to help your small business success. For help with implementing any of these medical marketing ideas, implementing the latest healthcare marketing trends, or to create an in-depth marketing strategy that works for your practice, contact us to schedule a free strategy session today.

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