Enhance Your LinkedIn Profile With Recommendations

Enhance Your LinkedIn Profile With RecommendationsLinkedIn provides a few ways for you to enhance your profile credibility, with one of them being recommendations. LinkedIn recommendations were added for the sole purpose of allowing a client or contact that you’ve previously worked with to give their opinion on why someone would want to work with you.

This is great, especially for newly established businesses to raise awareness and when building trust.

Getting Started with LinkedIn Recommendations

Before you can access the recommendations tab on your profile, you will need to have given someone a recommendation or have received one that is visible to others.

If you have not done either of these, you can go to your connections and leave a recommendation by opening the “more” button and selecting “recommend.”

They will need to accept it and make it visible on their profile for you to gain access to this function.

Requesting a Recommendation

There are two ways that you can request LinkedIn recommendations. You can send a request directly through their profile by following the steps above and instead click “Request a Recommendation.”

You will also be able to do this by navigating to the “Manage Recommendations” page and selecting “Ask For Recommendations.” After you do so, you will need to fill out the required fields. Here you will be asked 3 questions in regards to why you want to be recommended, who you’re asking, and what your relation is to them.

Once completed, you can send the default message that LinkedIn provides, or you can customize the message.

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Receiving a Recommendation

On the other hand, receiving LinkedIn recommendations is much simpler. All you will need to do is locate it within your notifications, accept it, and determine whether or not you would like it to be displayed on your profile.

You can change the order of your recommendations on the “Manage Recommendations” page using the drag and drop feature provided.

How LinkedIn Recommendations Can Enhance Your Career

By utilizing this feature, you will begin to reap the benefits of having a more credible influence when exposed to potential customers and business partners.

So be sure to keep that in mind when placing these recommendations on all other forms of social media and maybe even your own website.

Being present on LinkedIn can help you to make more business relationships and valuable business connections as well. It’s an important part of relationship marketing. If you know that you need this, but don’t have the time, contact Connections Healthcare Strategies for help.

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