3 Healthcare Marketing Trends To Implement In 2018

healthcare marketing trends 2018One fact is here to stay. Any healthcare practice looking for long term business success will do well to implement healthcare marketing trends and practices to set a solid foundation for their business operations and future success.

The healthcare landscape has evolved over recent years, mostly due to a rise in consumerism among patients. As patients have become accustomed to instant gratification and information on demand in other industries, so to lay the same expectations now when it comes to their healthcare experiences.

As a small or growing healthcare business or practice, how do you compete? The key to success is implementing the latest healthcare marketing trends to help you stand out from your competition, meet the expectations of potential patients and showcase your expertise in your field and in your community.

Implementing these three healthcare marketing trends in 2018 will help set a solid foundation for your practice for many years to come.

3 Healthcare Marketing Trends To Implement In 2018

Content Marketing

Basically stated, content marketing is providing quality content that resonates with your potential patient and encourages them to think of your brand. Most of the time, a company implements this in the form of blogs on their website, social media marketing, vlogs or videos.

Research shows that Americans don’t get the exercise or nutrition that they need, which over time leads to long term disease and illness. As a healthcare practice, using content marketing is a huge step toward helping to educate potential patients on their health, preventing disease, or showing how the treatments your clinic offers can help them with their health.

Relationship Marketing

Implementing a relationship marketing program to your business strategy can help drive referrals and new patients to your practice on a regular basis. Relationship marketing involves networking with other local providers and businesses to find mutually beneficial business relationships that can be built in your local community.

At Connections Healthcare Strategies, we specialize in this type of marketing for your small business or health and wellness practice and our track record shows it is a way of marketing that works.

Social Media Marketing

While there is never a “one-size-fits-all” option when it comes to marketing your healthcare brand, a consistent social media strategy is key. Determining who your target audience is and where to find them online is just the beginning of building a community of potential patients.

While social media for healthcare marketing is a necessity in this day and age, free or organic reach — especially on Facebook — is quickly declining. For this reason, Facebook especially has become a “pay to play” space, requiring some marketing dollars every month to being devoted to getting your business seen on this social channel.

Ready to implement a new strategy into your practice?

To learn more about our recent healthcare marketing trends, how our services can help grow your practice, or to begin implementing content, relationship or social media marketing for your business, contact us today. Our initial strategy session will help you get your marketing efforts off the ground and up and running in no time.

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