3 Marketing Trends To Watch In 2019

3 Marketing Trends To Watch In 2019As 2019 continues to progress, it will be interesting to see what marketing trends appear and also which ones continue to dominate. Experts predict that the prevalence of AI will continue to grow, while at the same time are quick to note the stability of content marketing.

While most small business owners, may not be ready to invest in AI, they can take advantage of many current marketing trends that are dominating the field in 2019. Overall, it seems that consumers and potential customers are most interested in brands that are generating high-quality, consistent, relevant, authentic and transparent content for them to engage with and share.

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So, as a small business, how can you take advantage of the latest marketing trends? Here are three to watch in 2019 and implement into your business.

3 Marketing Trends To Watch In 2019

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a strategy whereby brands create valuable and shareable content with the purpose of driving interest in their products or services, but not directly or explicitly. The key here is relevancy and consistency in content produced.

This is the dominant digital marketing technique, according to Social Media Today. It opens the door for two-way communication between brand and consumer. Content marketing encourages quality content that users want to share and engage with. It can also serve the purpose of inspiring meaningful thought and appealing to emotions.

Fostering Meaningful Relationships

The days of disconnecting from the end user are long gone. For brands that push out content onto a screen, whether it be via social media, email marketing or other, it is imperative to understand who is receiving that message on the other end of the screen: a human being. Therefore, fostering meaningful relationships have become key when it comes to marketing trends in 2019.

Every touchpoint is an opportunity to do that. This includes social media especially. It is a prime opportunity to interact with and hear from your client, customer or patient. It is a prime way to foster meaningful relationships with those to whom your business, mission and vision matter most.

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Experts predict transparency will be key when it comes to winning over potential customers. Consumers want to see authentic, shared values with brands. Therefore, realizing this is a human to human connection, reinforces the connection between company and consumer.

There are many ways to help build your brand and implement content marketing, foster meaningful relationships and keep transparency in the forefront of all your marketing efforts. The team at Connections Healthcare Strategies can help you figure out how. To get started, schedule your strategy session today.

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